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Interested In Joining Our Team?

Each of us at Animal Urgent Care of Hernando County have worked in the pits of the industry. We were tired of working for big corporations who failed to take responsibility for subpar medicine. We had also seen way too many privately owned clinics whose veterinarian/owner tried to do it all. In both of those situations, the staff and pets lose out.  In all of our years of searching for that "unicorn clinic," we found that it didn't exist. It was then, that we decided to create one for ourselves...


We were started by a DVM, CVT, and a Practice Manager/Veterinary Technician who each feel that our team is our greatest asset, and we are only as strong as the sum of our parts.  We aim to put pets first, as long as it is not detrimental to our team's physical/mental health or wellbeing. This is non-negotiable... even if it means someone writes us a bad review. We will not tolerate badly behaved clients or put our staff at risk of harm just to "get it done". ​


The culture we are aiming to build starts with having the right team. 


Our ideal candidates are not only those with the right skills in veterinary medicine, but also those who would support everyone on their team, regardless of job title. We see each day as a chance to learn and grow within the field and sharpen our knowledge and skills for our patients. Our candidates should be the type of person who loves to learn new skills and developments in veterinary medicine, and enjoys sharing that knowledge with the team.

These candidates are people with a healthy sense of humor... because, let's face it, animals are funny. We like to have fun while providing the best medicine possible. After all, if we found no joy in what we do, why would we continue to do it?


​And lastly, our candidates should have strong communication skills, not only with pet owners, but with the team as a whole. This makes building trust in each other that much easier. It also means that if something is wrong, we talk through it, work it out, and make things better, rather than "accepting the suck," as so many of us have done in this field for years. If something makes your job easier, provides better care to pets, and/or helps you find a little more happiness in your career, we want to hear about it and we want to find ways to implement it. 

​If you believe that this might be the place for you, we want to meet you! ​


Please drop us an email for more information about our current job openings, as well as notifications for openings in the future. ​

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